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Get a user object

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Get a user object

In a business rule or other server script, the gs.getUser() method returns a user object. The user object is an internal representation of the currently logged in user and provides information about the user and various utility functions.

About this task

See the ServiceNow Developers site for API information.

For a list and description of the available scoped methods for the user object, see GlideUser() on the ServiceNow Developers site.

To get user information for a particular user:


  1. Retrieve the current user.
    var myUserObject = gs.getUser()
  2. Use the getUserByID method to fetch a different user using the user_name field or sys_id on the target record.
    For example:
    var ourUser = gs.getUser(); 
    gs.­print(­ourUser.­getFirstName()); //print the first name of the user you are currently logged in as 
    ourUser = ourUser.­getUserByID(­'abel.tuter'); //fetch a different user, using the user_name field or sys_id on the target user record. 
    gs.­print(­ourUser.­getFirstName()); //first name of the user you fetched above 
    gs.­print(­ourUser.­isMemberOf(­'Capacity Mgmt'));