Reference qualifiers

Use reference qualifiers to restrict the data that is selectable for a reference field.

For example, if you want another record to be able to reference records with the San Diego location name, you can create a reference qualifier on the Location field of the record. The qualifier specifies that the user can choose only location records with the City field set to San Diego for the Location field.

Note: Reference qualifiers are available when using reference lookup (magnifying glass) from forms, applying the qualifier condition and displaying the filtered information in the displayed list. They are not applicable for condition builders.

Types of reference qualifiers

The following types of reference qualifiers are available:
  • Simple qualifiers provide choice lists for you to specify a reference qualifier condition on the table where the reference field is located. Simple qualifiers only apply when using "type-ahead" functionality on a form; they do not apply to condition builders.
  • Dynamic qualifiers allow you to use a dynamic filter to run a query against a reference field without having to enter JavaScript code or query strings.
  • Advanced qualifiers provide a text field for you to create either of the following:
    • A static encoded query string, which is a single string that specifies a database query, such as active=true.
    • JavaScript code that references script includes or functions in global business rules.
Note: To define a reference qualifier on an extended table differently from the reference qualifier on the parent table, use a Dictionary Override.