Reference qualifiers for service catalog variables

Service Catalog reference variables restrict the available values for choice-based variable types.

Reference Qualifiers

Service Catalog reference variables can use advanced reference qualifiers to restrict the available values for choice-based variable types based on the result of a script or other variables on the catalog item.

For example, you could create a Location reference variable with a reference qualifier that restricts the available location choices to those associated with groups in which the Requested For user is a member.

Note: This functionality requires knowledge of scripting.

Reference Qualifier Uses

The ref_qual_elements attribute can be used to specify dependent fields in the following cases:
  • Catalog Item ordering screen
  • Requested Item form
  • Catalog Task form
In the JavaScript function called by the advanced reference qualifier, the current record (current) is in scope, allowing access to additional information. For example:
  • Variable information for the ordered item is available with current.variables.variablename.