Dynamic reference qualifier example

The advantage of using a dynamic reference qualifier is that you can create one dynamic filter option and in as many dynamic reference qualifiers as needed.

Use dynamic reference qualifiers when you want to limit the values for a reference field based on Create a dynamic filter option that uses Create scripted filters.

The base system provides several dynamic filter options by default. An example is the dynamic filter option for the reference qualifier on the Model ID field. This field appears on a configuration item form, such as the default Computer form. The reference qualifier calls the CI Model Qualifier dynamic filter option, which in turn calls the ModelAndCategoryFilters script include. This script include refines the reference qualifier based on the class of the CI so that the only options for the model ID are those that belong to the same class as the current CI. For example, only CIs that belong to the Computer class are available in the Model ID field on a Computer configuration item form.
Figure 1. Dynamic reference qualifier