Using DurationCalculator to compute a simple duration

A simple duration is the number of seconds between two date times.

If no schedule is used then this is a simple time date subtraction. If a schedule is used, then the schedule is consulted to remove non-work hours from the computation. Suppose schedule "8-5 weekdays excluding holidays" is used. In this case, the number of work hours from noon Monday to noon Tuesday is nine hours. To compute a simple duration, initialize DurationCalculator and call the calcScheduleDuration() method.

This script demonstrates how to use DurationCalculator to compute a simple duration.
 * Sample script demonstrating use of DurationCalculator to compute simple durations
 * Function to house the sample script.
function executeSample(){
    // First we need a DurationCalculator object.
    var dc = new DurationCalculator();
    // Compute a simple duration without any schedule. The arguments
    // can also be of type GlideDateTime, such as fields from a GlideRecord.
    var dur = dc.calcScheduleDuration("2012-05-01", "2012-05-02");
    gs.log("calcScheduleDuration no schedule: " + dur); // 86400 seconds (24 hours)
    // The above sample is useful in limited cases. We almost always want to 
    // use some schedule in a duration computation, let's load a schedule.
    // Compute a duration using the schedule. The schedule
    // specifies a nine hour work day. The output of this is 32400 seconds, or
    // a nine hour span.
    dur = dc.calcScheduleDuration("2012-05-23 12:00:00","2012-05-24 12:00:00");
    gs.log("calcScheduleDuration with schedule: " + dur); // 32400 seconds (9 hours)
    // Compute a duration that spans a weekend and holiday. Even though this
    // spans three days, it only spans 9 work hours based on the schedule.
    dur = dc.calcScheduleDuration("2012-05-25 12:00:00", "2012-05-29 12:00:00");
    gs.log("calcScheduleDuration with schedule spaning holiday: " + dur); // 32400 seconds (9 hours)
    // Use the current date time in a calculation. The output of this is
    // dependent on when you run it.
    var now = new Date();
    dur = dc.calcScheduleDuration("2012-05-15", new GlideDateTime());
    gs.log("calcScheduleDuration with schedule to now: " + dur); // Different on every run.
 * Add a specific schedule to the DurationCalculator object.
 * @param durationCalculator An instance of DurationCalculator
function addSchedule(durationCalculator){
    // Load the "8-5 weekdays excluding holidays" schedule into our duration calculator.
    var scheduleName = "8-5 weekdays excluding holidays";
    var grSched = new GlideRecord('cmn_schedule');
    grSched.addQuery('name', scheduleName);
        gs.log('*** Could not find schedule "'+ scheduleName +'"');