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Timeline schedule pages

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Timeline schedule pages

A Timeline Schedule Page is a specific record that contains configuration information for displaying time based points and spans in a "timeline" like fashion.

The timeline schedule page references a script include that extends from AbstractTimelineSchedulePage to perform dynamic modification to the timeline based on different events and conditions. Both the schedule page and the script include for timeline generation allow for extreme customization and their corresponding application programming interface (API) is documented below.

The following diagram shows the series of events that occur when a timeline schedule page is accessed. Once the timeline has been loaded, all subsequent events, such as events resulting from timeline interaction (e.g. moving a timeline span), follow the same logic flow shown in the gray event box.
Figure 1. Timeline Flow

Applications that use schedule pages to generate time lines

  • Project Management
  • Maintenance Schedules
  • Group On-Call Rotation
  • Field Service Management