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Convert SNC Regex expressions to enhanced regex expressions

Convert SNC Regex expressions to enhanced regex expressions

When you upgrade to Eureka Patch 5 or later releases, you should convert scripts that use the SNC.Regex API to use regular JavaScript expressions.


  1. From the original expression, such as: SNC.Regex("/expr/is");, create a new regular expression object using the pattern with the slashes stripped.
    new RegExp('expr');
  2. Move the SNC.Regex flags to the start of the expression using Java’s inline flag special construct.
    new RegExp('(?is)expr');
  3. Add the j flag to the RegExp to tell the engine to treat the expression as a Java expression.
    Note: If you know that the script being converted does not use Java syntax, it is not necessary to use the j flag.
    new RegExp('(?is)expr', 'j');
  4. Add the g flag to handle multiple matches or a global replace.
    new RegExp('(?is)expr', 'jg');


Using SNC.Regex

var r = new SNC.Regex(‘/world/‘);
var str = ‘helloworld‘;
var replaced = r.replaceAll(str, ‘there‘);
// replaced == ‘hellothere‘

Using a JavaScript regular expression

var r = new RegExp(‘world‘, ‘jg‘);
var str = ‘helloworld‘;
var replaced = str.replace(r, ‘there‘);
// replaced == ‘hellothere‘