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Context-sensitive API help

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Context-sensitive API help

The syntax editor can display context-sensitive API information.

Context-sensitive help includes the ability to:
  • List script elements that are valid at the cursor's location. The system displays suggestions in a pop-up window.
  • Add a selected script element at the cursor's location. If the cursor is within or adjacent to a partial entry, the system completes the entry with the selected script element.
  • View API documentation for a selected suggestion.
  • View the expected parameters and format of the current script element.
If the cursor is adjacent to a text string, the system searches for script elements that start with this text string. For example, while the cursor is within or adjacent to the string GlideR, the system displays script elements such as:
  • GlideRecord
  • GlideRecordSecure

Context-sensitive suggestions are based on script type. For example, when working on a business rule, only suggestions from the server API and objects such as current and previous display. When working on a client script, the system only displays suggestions from the client API.