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Field Watcher

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Field Watcher

The Field Watcher tool tracks and displays all actions that the system performs on a selected form field.

Administrators can use the field watcher to figure out what happens to the field and how the value of the field changes when an event such as the firing of a business rule or enforcement of a data policy, takes place. Administrators can also impersonate non-admin users to debug what happens when those users make changes on an instance. Only one field can be watched at a time. Non-admin users with the impersonator role have access to the field watcher feature.

How the Field Watcher Works

The Field Watcher tool logs activity when any of the following events occur on a field:
  • The default value is set on the field.
  • User access rights for the field change due to an ACL or dictionary setting.
  • A data policy prevents the value from being set.
  • A reference qualifier query of the field value executes.
  • A UI policy changes a field to or from read-only, visible, mandatory, or editable.
  • A dependent value in another field restricts field choices.
  • The value of the field is set or changed based on:
    • Assignment rules
    • Actions from an engine, such as the workflow engine
    • Business rules
    • User entries
    • Client scripts
    • UI actions
Note: The field watcher works only on form fields. It cannot be used on list fields. Also, field watcher is not available on password-protected fields or encrypted fields.