Wizard UI policy

UI policies can be applied to wizards.

  1. Navigate to System Wizards > Wizard Policy > Wizard UI Policy.
  2. Click New or select the policy to edit.
  3. Enter the UI policy details and save the record.
    Table 1. Wizard UI Policy
    Field Input Value
    Wizard Select the wizard to which the UI Policy applies.
    Reverse if false Select the check box to reverse the UI policy if the wizard condition statement evaluates to false.
    Order Enter the sequence in which this condition is evaluated if more than one matching condition exists. The order is evaluated from the lowest value to the highest value.
    Global This field is not used for wizards.
    Short description Enter a brief description.
    Wizard Conditions Create conditions for the UI policy using wizard variables. The policy is applied if the conditions evaluate to true.
    On load Select the check box to apply the UI policy when the form is loaded. Clear the check box to apply the policy only when the form is changed.
    Run scripts Select the check box to use the Execute if true and Execute if false scripting fields. Scripts are necessary to apply a UI policy other than Read Only, Mandatory, or Visible. For example, you must create a script to apply a UI policy for a specific role.
    Active Select the check box to enable the UI policy. Clear the check box to disable it.
    Inherit Select the check box for other tables to inherit the UI policy. This option only applies to custom tables that extend the expert_ui_policy table.