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Wizard client scripts

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Wizard client scripts

Wizard client scripts can create advanced dynamic effects.

About this task

The following table summarizes differences between standard and wizard client scripts.

Table 1. Wizard client scripts
Standard client scripts Wizard client scripts
Apply to specific table Apply to specific wizard and panel
Apply to specific field in the table Apply to specific variable in the wizard
Note: Variables must have a name to be accessible in client scripts.


  1. Navigate to System Wizards > Wizard Policy > Wizard Client Scripts.
  2. Click New or select the client script to edit.
  3. Enter the client script details and save the record.
    Figure 1. Wizard client script


    To get the value of a variable:
    To restrict the number of characters a user can enter in a variable:
    function onLoad() {
      var sd = g_form.getControl('variable_name');
      sd.maxLength = 80; }
    Note: Because wizard panels are different from forms, not all g_form() methods function properly in wizard client scripts. Test all methods to determine whether they function properly before using them.