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Create a UI script

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Create a UI script

Create a UI script to define reusable client-side JavaScript code.

To create UI scripts, navigate to System UI > UI Scripts and create or edit a record (see table for field descriptions).
Table 1. UI scripts
Field Description
Script Name Name of the UI script. Ensure the name is unique on your system.
API Name The API name of the UI script, including the scope and script name (for example, x_custom_app.HelloWorld).
Application Application that contains the UI script.
Active Indicator of whether the UI script is active. Only active UI scripts can run.

Indicator of whether the script loads on every page in the system.

Note: Use caution when creating global UI scripts because they can impact performance. You cannot create a global UI script in a scoped application.
Description Summary of the purpose of the script.
Script Client-side script to run when called from other scripts.