Configure Notify with the Twilio service

You can configure Notify to use the Twilio telephony service.

Before you begin

You must have an SID and authentication token for an active Twilio subaccount.
Important: Ensure that each instance you configure Notify on uses a different Twilio subaccount. Each subaccount specifies a unique SID, authentication token, telephone numbers, and endpoint. Using the same subaccount across multiple instances may cause your Twilio service configuration to be overwritten.

Role required: notify_admin


  1. Navigate to Notify > Twilio Configuration.
  2. Enter your Account SID.
  3. Enter your Auth Token.
  4. Click Save.
    A read-only list of phone numbers associated with this Twilio subaccount appears. This list displays the phone number, supported capabilities such as voice or SMS, the country for each Twilio number, and the Notify number group the number belongs to.
    Note: If you buy or release numbers on the Twilio subaccount, open the configuration page again to refresh the list of numbers. Numbers removed from the Twilio service remain as Notify Number records, but with the Active field set to false. Use only active phone numbers for inbound or outbound communication.

What to do next

Phone numbers you import to Notify are stored on the Notify Phone Numbers [notify_number] table. Assign each number to a number group. Number groups allow you to control which workflows run when using the phone numbers in each number group.