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Knowledge search

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Knowledge search

You can search for knowledge articles and social Q&A questions from the knowledge homepage using the search bar at the top of the page.

Search results include only articles and questions you are authorized to read. Documents that are attached to articles are also listed in the search results (for those articles to which you have access).
Note: To change how the attachments are displayed in the search results, set the How to display attachments in Knowledge Search Results property. Attachments can be displayed with a snippet, link only, or not at all.

You can sort knowledge content by relevancy, most recent update, or number of views.

You can filter results using the check boxes that appear. Filtering options appear depending on the search text.

Table 1. Filtering options
Field Description
Type Select if you want to view knowledge articles, social Q&A questions, or both. This option is only available if Social Q&A is enabled.
Knowledge Bases Select a knowledge base to search. You can select only knowledge bases you can access. If you do not select a specific knowledge base, search results include articles and questions from all knowledge bases that you can access. You can also select a knowledge base from the choice list in the search bar.
Categories Select one or more knowledge categories. Categories are listed alphabetically.
Authors Select one or more authors.
Figure 1. Filtering a search