Use knowledge on mobile devices

All ServiceNow ITSA Suite users can access knowledge from mobile devices to search for and view knowledge articles and social Q&A questions.

Browse knowledge on mobile devices

You can browse knowledge bases using a mobile device.

Navigate to SELF-SERVICE > Knowledge Base.

Figure 1. Mobile Knowledge View

Browse Knowledge by tapping on a category and browsing articles or subcategories.

View knowledge articles and questions on mobile devices

You can read knowledge content using a mobile device.

Tap a title to view the article or question.

Note: You cannot edit or add comments to knowledge articles on the mobile interface. If using Social Q&A, you can perform all functions such as adding and editing questions, answers, and comments through the mobile interface.
Figure 2. Mobile knowledge article view

Search knowledge on mobile devices

Find a specific article or question by searching on a particular term.

Figure 3. Mobile knowledge search