Knowledge homepage

The Knowledge homepage displays knowledge articles and social Q&A questions organized by knowledge base and category, as well as featured content and popular articles.

To view the default knowledge homepage navigate to Self-Service > Knowledge.
Note: The knowledge homepage is not compatible with Internet Explorer 9 or earlier. Using one of these browsers will cause you to be redirected to the legacy knowledge portal.
Figure 1. The Knowledge homepage

If you access knowledge from a service management application, the knowledge homepage for the associated application opens.

From the homepage, you can import a Word document to a knowledge base using the Import button. You can also and create a new article, or ask a question using the Create new button.
Note: You must have user criteria "Can contribute" permission for at least one active knowledge base, otherwise the Import and Create new buttons do not appear. See Knowledge Management v3 migration and Knowledge manager.

You can select a knowledge base to browse articles and questions within that knowledge base. You can view only knowledge bases you can access.

Figure 2. Browsing articles by category

Articles and questions are organized by category or by tag. Categories are listed alphabetically. While browsing, you can filter content by type to view only knowledge articles, only social Q&A questions, or only unanswered questions. You can sort content by most recent update or by number of views.

An administrator can configure the knowledge homepage to display the number of articles and questions within each category. This count includes articles and questions from subcategories. To display the article and question count, set the knowledge homepage property Display or hide the count of articles and questions in the category and child categories (glide.knowman.show_number_on_categories) to true.