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Access a Legacy BSM map

Access a Legacy BSM map

When you access a Legacy BSM map from one of the view options, the map is centered on the root CI, and displays the layout and number of levels defined in Map Properties.

About this task

Administrators can configure these settings.

When you access the map from a saved view, the map opens using the saved properties.


To access a BSM map, navigate to Dependency ViewsLegacy BSM and open one of these modules:
Table 1. BSM map modules
Module Description
View Map in New Tab Opens the map in a new, full screen tab without the application navigator.
View Map Opens the map in the content pane of the current tab.
Saved Views Opens a view of a map that you previously saved. Click a number in the Version column, and then click the BSM map icon (
BSM map icon
Note: Adobe Flash Player is required to access BSM maps using Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 7 and 8.