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Direction and level in Legacy BSM maps

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Direction and level in Legacy BSM maps

By default the Legacy BSM map displays three levels of upstream and downstream relationships.

To change the number of levels that are displayed by default, navigate to Dependency Views > Legacy BSM > Map Properties and edit the Maximum level depth from the root CI that can be initially displayed in Business Service Maps property.

When you load a new CI or expand a node, the system resets the map to the configured level depth.

Use these map controls to change the view of the levels as appropriate:
Table 1. Map controls
Control Description
Stream direction Direction of relationships to display. Select from Upstream, Downstream, or Both directions. The default map displays nodes in both directions.
Level depth Number of relationship levels to highlight for the current node. Select Show all to set the depth to the number of levels that are in your CI configuration. When you perform one of the following tasks, the system isolates that node and displays the selected number of levels in the specified direction from that node:
  • Click a node
  • Load a new node
  • Change CIs using the search box
  • Expand a node