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Create a relationship in a Legacy BSM map

Create a relationship in a Legacy BSM map

How to create a relationship.

About this task

The following rules apply to creating a relationship between nodes on the map:
  • You cannot add a relationship to or from a CI if the node is collapsed.
  • You cannot create a relationship from a CI to itself.
  • You cannot create a relationship between an active node and a dimmed node.
  • You can add a relationship to or from a cluster node.
Note: The BSM map only displays the upstream and downstream relationships from the root node selected as the focus of the map. It does not show any direct relationships between a child of the root node and a parent of the root node. If you add such a relationship and redraw the map with the same root node, the relationship line does not appear on the map. However, if you focus the map on a different root node directly upstream or downstream of the new relationship, the connector appears where you created it.


  1. Select the CI you want to use as the parent in the relationship.

    The green plus glyph appears on the icon for the CI.

    BSM draw relationship link 01
  2. Click the plus glyph and drag a new connector to the child CI.

    A link configuration dialog box appears.

    BSM draw relationship link 02
  3. Select a relationship from the choice list and click OK.

    The map displays the new connector and label.

    BSM draw relationship link 03