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Create or modify map related items in Legacy BSM

Create or modify map related items in Legacy BSM

You can configure BSM maps to display CIs that have no relationship record, but are related to other CIs by reference fields.

About this task

To create or modify map related items:


  1. Navigate to Dependency Views > Legacy BSM > Map Related Items.
  2. Click New to create a new related item, or click the name of an existing CI from the Configuration Item column to modify an existing map related item.
    BSM related item form
  3. Fill in the fields on the form, as appropriate.
    Table 1. BSM Related Items form
    Field Description
    Configuration Item CI that represents the base node or a CI in a table that extends the base node table. In the base system, the configuration item that represents the base node is Computer [cmdb_ci_computer], which includes all types of workstations and servers.
    Related Item Table name of the related item. Only the cmdb_ci table and tables that extend it are displayed in the choice list.
    Related Field Field that links this related item to the configuration item. In many cases, the appropriate value is automatically populated in the field after the first two fields are selected. Select the drop-down menu for additional options.
    Active Check box that allows you to enable or disable this record.
  4. Click Submit to enter a new map related item or click Update to modify an existing map related item.