View a collapsed object in a Legacy BSM map

  • To expand a cluster or collapsed node, right-click the icon and select Expand this from the context menu.
  • To collapse a cluster or a node with children, click Collapse in the map header bar.
The following behaviors apply to collapsible nodes:
  • The collapse option only collapses the most recently expanded node.
  • The map view retains the last filter settings when the collection is collapsed.
  • If the cluster itself contains tasks, the count that displays in the task glyph includes the total count for tasks on the cluster CI. The color of the glyph is the color of the highest priority task in the cluster.
  • When a cluster is expanded, the counter glyph disappears.
  • If the cluster CI has no tasks associated with it, the task glyph disappears.
  • When a collapsed node is expanded, the icon disappears until you collapse the nodes again.
Figure 1. Collapsed Cluster Node with Tasks
Figure 2. Collapsed Node with Trouble