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Map related items module in Legacy BSM

Map related items module in Legacy BSM

The Map Related Items module relates referenced CIs to one another, which allows them be displayed in BSM maps..

The base system configuration includes the following tables and relates them to items in the Computer [cmdb_ci_computer] and Server [cmdb_ci_server] tables.
  • Disk [cmdb_ci_disk]
  • Network Adapter [cmdb_ci_network_adapter]
  • Database [cmdb_ci_database]

Some additional referenced CIs that can be related in this manner are file systems and running processes.

In the following example, computer nodes in a BSM map are related to network adapter nodes if the Configuration Item field of the adapter records reference the specific CI node. Access or create a network adapter record from the Network Adapter related list in the cmdb_ci_computer record.

Figure 1. BSM Related Items Example

The BSM map for the *JEMPLOYEE-IBM computer shows the network adapter attached to the computer.

Figure 2. BSM Map Example