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Legacy Business Service Management Map

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Legacy Business Service Management Map

Legacy BSM is built on keyline technology.

To use the Legacy BSM application menu items, the bsm_legacy, admin, or the bsm_legacy_admin roles are required.

A ServiceNow business service is work or goods that are supported by an IT infrastructure. For example, delivering email service to an employee can require services such as email servers, web servers, and the work to configure the user's account. A business service management (BSM) map graphically displays the configuration items (CI) that support a business service and the relationships between the configuration items.

Internet Browser Requirements and Limitations

Microsoft Internet Explorer has these limitations and requirements when used with ServiceNow BSM maps:
  • To access the BSM map using Internet Explorer 7 and 8, you must install Adobe Flash Player 10.1 or higher.
    Note: Geneva is the last release in which Internet Explorer 7 and 8 are supported for BSM maps.
  • You cannot export images from the map with Internet Explorer 7.
  • Map view images saved in a browser other than Internet Explorer 8 might not display properly in Internet Explorer 8.
  • Internet Explorer 7 can only display the version numbers of saved views and not the images.

To use Firefox ESR - the latest version is required.