CI filters by group in Legacy BSM maps

Expand a filter group strip to display the subgroups. For example, the CI by Type group contains subgroups such as Database, UNIX Servers, and Network Gear.

Select a check box to filter the map to show CIs from that subgroup and their relationships in the map. Clear a check box to dim that subgroup of CIs in the map. Scroll long lists of subgroups.

By default all options in each group are selected. If no manufacturer or location is defined in the database, the Other check box is the only option and is selected. Clear a check box to dim those CIs or relationships. Select the All check box to highlight all CI subgroups or clear the check box to dim all subgroups. For example, you might want to clear all check boxes in a long list and then reselect only one or two subgroups to highlight. The All control only works for the current group. Make sure a group filter shows the desired view before you switch groups, since this can affect what you see in subsequent views. For example, if you dim database servers in the CI by Type group and then change to the Location group, you cannot highlight database servers in any location.