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ServiceNow provided integrations

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ServiceNow provided integrations

ServiceNow provides many integrations as part of the platform.

These integrations are considered part of the platform and are provided at no additional charge.

Table 1. Provided Integrations
Integration Type Integration Point
Altiris (version 2.0) MID Server CMDB
Google Maps Web services Varies
Google Custom Search Web services Knowledge
Microsoft SMS / SCCM MID Server CMDB
Verizon eBonding Web services Incident

Altiris integration 2.0

The Altiris integration is a one direction import of the Altiris data into ServiceNow. CMDB (Configuration management database). The integration keeps the ServiceNow CMDB up to date with Altiris SQLServer database.

Google Maps API support

Map pages enable you to graphically display data on a Google map page based on location data.

Microsoft SMS/SCCM integration

The Microsoft SMS/SCCM integration is a one direction import of SMS/SCCM data into ServiceNow's Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

Migrate the Verizon eBonding Integration to a Production System

This topic outlines the tasks required for moving the Verizon eBonding integration from a Dev/Test environment to a Production environment.