Set web service security

You can sign outbound SOAP messages using a key store and trusted server certificate saved on the instance.

Before you begin

Role required: admin


  1. Upload a key store certificate with a Type of Java Key Store or PKCS12 Key Store.
  2. Upload the trusted server certificate for the key store certificate.
  3. Navigate to System Web Services > Outbound > SOAP Message.
  4. Select a SOAP message record.
  5. In the SOAP Message Functions related list, select a function.
  6. Select Use WS-Security.
  7. In the Key store field, select the Java or PKCS12 key store you uploaded.
  8. In the Key store alias field, enter the alias that identifies the public and private key pair.
  9. In the Key store password field, enter the password you assigned the key store record.
  10. In the Certificate field, select the trusted certificate for the selected key store.
  11. Click Update.