SOAP envelope variables

Variables within the SOAP Envelope allow you to set values dynamically when sending the SOAP message.

When a SOAP message is generated, the variable names depend on the XML structure surrounding the variable. By default, the XML elements two levels above the variable determine the variable name.

For example, the structure <A><B><C>${B.C}</C></B></A> produces the variable ${B.C}.

These properties control the behavior of variables in the SOAP envelope.
Table 1. Properties
glide.soap.outbound.include_variable_context Controls if variable names include higher-level XML elements. Set this property to false to only use the lowest-level XML element to determine the variable name, such as ${C} instead of ${B.C}.

Type: true/false

Default value: true

glide.soap.outbound.variable_context_depth Controls the number of higher-level XML elements to include in variable names. For example, when this property value is set to 3, the structure <A><B><C>${A.B.C}</C></B></A> produces the variable ${A.B.C}.

Type: integer

Default value: 2