Test a query

To verify that the user has the appropriate permissions to send requests to the instance using ODBC, run a query using Interactive SQL.

About this task

For testing, use a query that returns exactly one record, such as a query using the Number value of a record.


  1. In the ServiceNow ITSA Suite instance, navigate to Incident > All.
  2. Record the Number of an incident record.
  3. On the computer where the ODBC driver is installed, navigate to Start > Programs > ServiceNow ODBC > Interactive SQL.
  4. Enter connect "odbc.user"*"password"@ServiceNow and press the enter key.
  5. Enter the following text, substituting the incident number you recorded.
    select short_description from incident where number=’<incident number>';
  6. Press the enter key.


The instance should respond with the short description of the incident record.