Configure the global DSN default

Configure the global default used by all newly created DSNs.

About this task

A default DSN is preloaded with the ODBC driver installation ServiceNow data source. This preloaded DSN connects using the default connection URL, which is set to To change the global default for the instance URL:


  1. In Windows, navigate to Start > Programs > ServiceNow ODBC > Management Console.
  2. Expand the Console Root tree using the following path:
    OpenAccess SDK 6.0 Manager\<installation location>\Services\ServiceNow_ODBC\Data Source Settings\ServiceNow\IP Parameters
    ODBC Management Console
  3. Double-click the DataSourceIPProperties attribute for the ServiceNow data source setting to open the Properties dialog box.
  4. Change the value to the URL of your instance, using the following format, and then click OK:
    https://<your instance>
    ODBC Management Console 2