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Getting started with REST - create an incident record

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Getting started with REST - create an incident record

Use a POST request to create a new record.

Before you begin

Role required: web_service_admin, rest_api_explorer, or admin

About this task

Use the REST API Explorer to send the following request:



  1. In the top-left of the REST API Explorer, click Create a record (POST).
  2. In the Path Parameters section, select the Incident table.
  3. In the Request Body section, click Add a field.
  4. Select a field and specify a value for that field.
  5. (Optional) Click Add another field and specify and additional field to assign a value to.
    The request body updates automatically based on your entries, such as {"short_description":"Test incident creation through REST", "comments":"These are my comments"}
  6. After constructing the request, click Send.

    The response includes a Location header that specifies where the incident was created and how to retrieve the incident. Record this header to use in the next part of this guide.

    Post response