Use the setValue() displayValue parameter for reference fields

When using setValue() on a reference field, include the displayValue parameter to avoid additional server calls.

When using setValue() on a reference field, be sure to include the reference field display value as the 3rd parameter. If you set the value without the displayValue, the instance does a synchronous call to retrieve the display value for the record you specified. This extra round trip to the server can impact performance.

This example demonstrates the incorrect way to call setValue:
var id = '5137153cc611227c000bbd1bd8cd2005';
g_form.setValue('assigned_to', id); // Client needs to go back to the server to
                                    // fetch the name that goes with this ID
Instead, include the display value as an optional parameter in setValue():
var id = '5137153cc611227c000bbd1bd8cd2005';
var name = 'Fred Luddy';
g_form.setValue('assigned_to', id, name); // No server call required