SOAPMessageV2 - setWSSecurity(String keystoreId, String keystoreAlias, String keystorePassword, String certificateId)

Sets web service security values for the SOAP message.

Setting security values using this method overwrites web service security values defined for the SOAP message record.

Table 1. Parameters
Name Type Description
keystoreId String The sys_id of the Java or PKCS12 key store to use.
keystoreAlias String The alias that identifies the public and private keys.
keystorePassword String The password assigned to the key store record.
certificateId String The sys_id of the trusted server certificate.
Table 2. Returns
Type Description
var sm = new sn_ws.SOAPMessageV2("StockQuote","GetQuote"); //Might throw exception if message doesn't exist or not visible due to scope.
sm.setWSSecurity("70d65e074f3812001f6eac118110c71a","Quote keys","UXr82cqX75Z7MaSa+EyjGA==","ba969a074f3812001f6eac118110c76d");