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SOAPMessageV2 - executeAsync()

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SOAPMessageV2 - executeAsync()

Send the SOAP message to the ECC queue.

SOAP messages in the ECC queue are processed by the SOAPClient business rule.

By default, this business rule does not run asynchronously. To configure this business rule to run asynchronously, set the When value to Async and add current.update() to the end of the Script. The instance does not wait for a response from the web service provider when sending a message through the ECC queue.

Table 1. Parameters
Name Type Description
Table 2. Returns
Type Description
SOAPResponseV2 The response returned by the SOAP provider.
Note: Attempting to use the SOAP response object before the response has been processed may result in a timeout error.
var sm = new sn_ws.SOAPMessageV2("StockQuote","GetQuote"); //Might throw exception if message doesn't exist or not visible due to scope.
var response = sm.executeAsync();