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Asyncronous SOAPMessageV2 example

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Asyncronous SOAPMessageV2 example

You can send a SOAP message asynchronously.

When you send an asynchronous message the instance does not wait for a response before proceeding. You must handle waiting for a response within your code.

var requestBody;
var responseBody;
var status;
var sm;
	sm = new sn_ws.SOAPMessageV2("StockQuote", "GetQuote");  // Might throw exception if message doesn't exist or not visible due to scope
	sm.setStringParameter("symbol", "NOW");
	response = sm.executeAsync(); //Might throw exception if http connection timed out or some issue with sending request itself because of encryption/decryption of password

	response.waitForResponse(60);// In Seconds, Wait at most 60 seconds to get response from ECC Queue/Mid Server //Might throw exception timing out waiting for response in ECC queue

	responseBody = response.haveError() ? response.getErrorMessage() : response.getBody();
	status = response.getStatusCode();
} catch(ex) {
	responseBody = ex.getMessage();
	status = '500';
} finally {
	requestBody = sm ? sm.getRequestBody():null;
}"Request Body: " + requestBody);"Response: " + responseBody);"HTTP Status: " + status);