Workflow validator

ServiceNow offers several workflow validators for workflow designers to test their workflows.

This page lists all available workflow validators. See Workflow validation for information on using workflow validators and Workflow validation report to see the type of information that is returned.
Table 1. Hanging workflows and update sets
Hanging Workflows Update Sets
Identify workflow design decisions that can result in a hanging workflow Identify related artifacts being moved in different update sets
ValidateTransitionOut ValidateUpdateSetDependencies
ValidateTransitionIn ValidateUpdateSetParentDependencies
ValidateDanglingTransition ValidateInputVarUpdateSetDependencies
Table 2. Workflow termination and external dependencies
Unexpected Workflow Termination External Dependencies
Identify workflows that can end unexpectedly Identify external artifacts that have potential workflow dependencies
ValidateSingleEnd ValidateParentFlow
Table 3. Workflow conflicts
Workflow Properties Conflicts
Identify workflow design decisions that conflict with workflow properties