Workflow scratchpad

The scratchpad is a special field on a workflow context that allows workflow activities to communicate data to subsequent activities.

The scratchpad is available within the workflow as a variable (scratchpad), and variables in the scratchpad are available as properties on that variable. Using the scratchpad requires at least two activities in a workflow: the sending activity, which writes data to the scratchpad, and the follow-up activity, which uses this data.

The scratchpad can hold variables of any JavaScript data type that can be represented as JSON. These data types include primitives such as String or Boolean, or JavaScript objects such as Object, Array, and Date. You cannot add functions or scriptable Java objects, such as GlideRecord, to the scratchpad. For an alternative method of using the scratchpad with scriptable Java objects, see Scriptable Java objects.

The properties of supported JavaScript objects can be objects or arrays themselves. For a description of the data types supported in a scratchpad variable, see Introducing JSON.