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Workflow error handling

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Workflow error handling

The personalized JavaScript that users create in workflow activity variables is vulnerable to run-time syntax errors.

In the base system, workflow activities do not provide condition routing on the error state. As a result, the workflow progresses based on the state of the current record. For example, a workflow contains an Approval - User activity that uses an advanced script to add additional approvers. A syntax error in the script results in no approvers being added. Because a state of no approvers is a valid return, even without the syntax error, the approval activity is skipped and the workflow progresses along a positive path. However, this might not be a valid response for the workflow designer who does not want the workflow to progress along the positive path without approvers.

Workflow error handling detects and logs syntax errors and provides a state that the workflow designer can use to add error conditions to the workflow. Use error handling to locate syntax errors in advanced script fields for these workflow activities:
  • Approval - User
  • Approval - Group
  • Catalog Task
  • Create Task
  • If
  • Run Script
  • Notification