Rollback To workflow activity

The Rollback To activity transitions directly to the activity specified by the outgoing transition line arrow.

Note: The Rollback activity is deprecated starting with the Eureka release. Use the Rollback To activity instead.

Rollback To determines which activities to reset based on the actual workflow sequence (transition line attachments) of activities between itself and the transitioned to activity, not the execution order. Rollback To then marks all the approvals that have transitioned between the rollback and the transitioned to activity as Not Yet Requested and the tasks as either Open or Pending.

Use the Rollback To activity for all workflows in which multiple rollbacks are required. Rollback To has no variables.


The conditions determine which transition runs after this activity.

Table 1. Rollback To activity conditions
Condition Description
Always The event or condition that causes the approval to revert to the previous workflow step.
Error The event or condition that generates an error.
Skipped The event or condition that allows a skipped approval.


The activity state tells the workflow engine what to do with the activity.
Table 2. Rollback To activity states
State Description
Executing The workflow engine starts the execute function of the activity.
Waiting The workflow engine ignores the activity until a specific event to restart the activity is fired.
Finished The activity finished running. See the result value for the outcome of the activity.
Cancelled This activity, or the workflow that contains this activity, was canceled.
Error A JavaScript error occurred. Review the logs for error details.