Rollback To workflow activity behavior

The Rollback To workflow activity transitions directly to the activity specified by the transition line arrow.

Use the Rollback To activity for all workflows that use multiple or nested rollbacks. Rollback To resets the targeted task (the direct transition) to Open. All tasks that have executed between the Rollback To activity and the targeted task (rolled back task) are set to Pending.

(0) Begin

(1) Log Message

(2) Task 1

(3) Task 3

(4) Task 2

(5) Timer

(6) Approval 1

(7) Roll back to first task

(8) Task 1

(9) Task 2

(10) Approval 1

(11) Log approval

(12) Join

(14) Send email

(15) End

Figure 1. Rollback to workflow

Transition history

The state of (3) Task 3 does not change, since this activity does not directly transition from the rollback target activity. To see what activities were rolled back, select the Workflow Transition History related list and look at the Rolled back column.

The Rollback To activity (7) updates the following activities:

(8) Task 1: reset to Open

(9) Task 2: reset to Pending

(10) Approval 1: reset to Not Yet Requested

Figure 2. Rollback To workflow transition