Workflow level pinning

Pinning at the workflow level overrides individual settings for all activities in that workflow.

Before you begin

Role required: workflow_admin

About this task

This action does not change the setting on the activity itself, which might use a different setting in another workflow. The default setting in the workflow properties uses the pinning setting of each activity.


  1. Navigate to Workflow > Workflow Editor.
  2. Open a workflow and check it out.
  3. Click the properties icon in the title bar.
  4. In the Activities section, select one of the following options in the Activity pinning field.
    • Set by activity: Allows all activities in the workflow to use their own pinning settings. This is the default pinning option.
    • Pin all activities: Pins all activities in that workflow to their current version.
    • Unpin all activities: Allows all activities in that workflow to be updated.
  5. Publish the workflow.