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Workflow activity level pinning

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Workflow activity level pinning

Set pinning at the activity level to control versioning for that activity only.

Before you begin

Role required: workflow_admin

About this task

The activity uses this setting unless it is overridden by a different setting in a workflow.


  1. Navigate to Workflow > Workflow Editor.
  2. Open the workflow containing the activity whose version you want to control.
  3. Check out the workflow.
  4. Right-click the activity and select one of these options from the context menu:
    • Pin Activity: Prevents the activity from automatically updating when a new version is available. Pinned activities are labeled Out of date when a new version is available.
    • Unpin Activity: Allows the activity to automatically update to the latest version. Unpinned activities are updated when a new version is available.
  5. Publish the workflow.