Elements in workflow activity definitions

Each activity can specify a number of elements that control the behavior of the activity or are controlled by the activity.

Not all activities specify all possible elements. See Workflow activities for links to the activities provided by default. Each activity description includes a detailed explanation of the specific elements offered by that activity.

Table 1. Workflow activity elements
Element Description
Results The possible activity.results value. The activity result usually determines which condition the activity transitions through.
Scratchpad entries

Scratchpad variables the activity depends on to run, or variables the activity writes to the scratchpad.

Input variables Values that control the behavior of the activity. Fields to set these values appear on the Activity Properties form when a new activity is added to a workflow. See Activity variables for more information.
Conditions Determines which transition the activity follows after completing. See Manage workflow activity conditions for more information.
States Determines how the workflow handles the record being executed.