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Require authentication

Require authentication

You can specify whether non-interactive connections require authentication from the High Security Settings module.

About this task

A non-interactive connection bypasses the UI to connect to the instance at an API level. Typically, non-interactive connections use set protocols such as JSON, SOAP, XSD, or WSDL. By default, all non-interactive connections require authentication.


  1. Login with an administrator user with the security_admin role.
  2. Elevate your privileges to use security_admin.
  3. Navigate to System Security > High Security Settings.
  4. Select the matching "Requires authorization" option for the protocol you want to set. For example, Requires authorization for incoming SOAP requests.
  5. Select the checkbox to require authentication for the non-interactive connection method. Clear the checkbox to allow the non-interactive connection method to connect without providing any credentials.
    Note: Activating the Non-Interactive Sessions plugin on an existing system may prevent any existing users that authorize SOAP and WSDL-based integrations from logging in unless they already have the soap role. See Updating Web Service User Accounts for Strict Security to manually update existing integration users.