Configure group types for assignment groups

The Type field can be used to define categories of groups, which can be used to filter out assignment groups based on the group type using a reference qualifier on [task.assignment_group].

For example, when selecting an assignment group from the Incident form, Type can be used to filter groups based on whether they are typically involved in the Incident Management process. Groups such as Network or Help Desk are displayed as they are typically involved. Groups such as HR or New York are omitted.

The following items are provided in the base system.

  • The types catalog, itil, and survey.
  • The reference qualifier on [task.assignment_group] filters on [Type] [equals] [none].
  • A reference qualifier named GetGroupFilter is available to filter for group types.
Note: Dictionary overrides allow administrators to filter for a group type on an extended table with a simple reference qualifier override.