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Define a relative duration

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Define a relative duration


From the left navigation pane, select System Scheduler > Relative Durations..

Out of the box there are four Relative Durations in the system:

  • 2 business days by 4pm
  • 3 business days by 4pm
  • Next business day by 4pm
  • End of next business day
Note: Business day durations are defined by the business schedule used. If no schedule is defined, the durations are 24 X 7 by default.


We will start by looking at the End of next business day Relative Duration. From the Relative Durations list, select the End of next business day Relative Duration. The variable days is set to one, because we want the result of this calculation to land one day in the future. The rest of the script is as in the screenshot below. If desired, you can customize the time at which you want the Relative Duration to end (currently set to 5pm).

End of Next Business Day Relative Duration

There is one more important Relative Duration design aspect that is used by the other three out-of-box Relative Durations. To illustrate this design we will look at 2 business days by 4pm.

As you can see in the image below, within the script there is an if-statement. This if-statement is checking to see if the calculated time is after 10am. If it is, then an additional day is added to the calculation. Hence the description of 2 business days by 4pm if before 10am.

2 Business Days by 4 pm Relative Duration

Note that "End of the business day" has nothing to do with the associated Schedule. The end time of 17:00 is hardcoded into this Relative Duration script. If you want the time to be different than the out of the box 5pm, you must change it in the script.