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Transaction logs

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Transaction logs

The transaction log records all browser activity for an instance.

This log provides the following information for all activities.

Table 1. Transaction log
Field Description
Created Date and time of the browser action for the locale of the machine running the instance.
Created by The user who created this activity.
Response time Round trip response time for the browser request, in milliseconds.
Network time Latency time of the network response after the browser request is made, in milliseconds.
Output length Size of the output string sent by the instance to the browser, in bytes.
SQL count Number of SQL server commands executed for this activity.
Business rule count Number of business rules executed for this activity.
Business rule time Elapsed time for the execution of the business rules for this activity.
URL The application or module connected to by the client browser.
System ID System generated identifier of the client instance making the request. This ID is used for cluster environments in which several instances (nodes) communicate with the database.
IP address IP address of the client making the request.
GZipped Indication of whether a compressed Web page was requested by the browser.
Protocol The HTTP protocol used by the browser for this instance.

The System Scheduler > Slow Job Log module provides a transaction log filtered to show only slow transactions.