Event registry

Events are registered in the Event Log by Business Rules. These events can be used to automate other activities, such as script actions or notifications.

Events can be used to schedule actions or tasks to occur when conditions are fulfilled.


  • kb.view - an event triggered when a user views a Knowledge Base article, used to trigger the script action Knowledge View to create a Knowledge Use record every time an article is viewed.
  • incident.commented - an event triggered when a user comments on an article, used by two incident commented email notifications.

Inactivity Monitors:

An inactivity monitor triggers an event if a record has not been updated for a defined length of time.

Script Actions:

Script actions are scripts which are triggered when an event is recorded in the log. In that way, scripts can be set to be performed whenever a particular activity occurs in the platform, rather than at a particular time (like scheduled jobs) or in response to particular conditions (like a business rule.


Events are also used to trigger Email Notifications when an event is recorded in the log.