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Customer updates table

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Customer updates table

Every change that is made in the system is recorded on the Customer Updates [sys_update_xml] table chronologically.

To navigate to this table, enter sys_update_xml.list into the navigation filter.

The following information is stored about each update:

Table 1. Customer updates table
Field Description
Name A name that identifies the updated record.
Created The date and time the customer update record was created.
Created By The user who performed the change.
Type The type of the update.
Updated The date and time the customer update record was updated.
Updated By The user who performed the update.
Updates The number of times the record has been updated.
Target Name The name of the element that was altered.
View The view of the form that was altered if it was a form layout change.
Payload The XML contents of the record after the change.
Remote Update Set A reference to that update set if the change was performed by a remote update set.
Local Update Set The update set the change is associated with.