Glide list items

The tablet interface provides an easy way to interact with items that use the glide_list field type, such as watch lists.

About this task

The following example illustrates how to add a name to a watch list.


  1. On a form with a watch list field, tap the lookup icon.
    Lookup icon
  2. Filter the watch list by entering text in the search field above any column. The list is automatically filtered as you type. You can also perform a contains search in the filter fields by using the period (.). For example, to search for all names that contain the characters tu, enter the following: .tu.
  3. Tap the record that you want to add. The record is added to the selection column on the left.
    Watch list search
  4. To add yourself, add an email address, or clear the form, use the menu at the bottom of the selection column:
    Add menu
  5. Tap Done when finished.