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Disable the mobile or tablet browser UI

Disable the mobile or tablet browser UI

Administrators can disable the mobile web interface for all devices and direct all activity to the standard browser UI.

About this task

This task applies specifically to users accessing an instance from a mobile browser, not the mobile app. System properties check the User Agent string of a browser for keywords found in that property's value. If the User Agent string finds a corresponding property value, it directs to that indicated UI. For example, a property like iPhone would direct to a mobile UI.
Table 1. UI Agent Properties
Property Description Device
glide.ui.m_agents Controls which browser is directed to the mobile UI iPhone, android_phone, IE Mobile, Windows Phone, iPod, Windows CE, BlackBerry, BB10
glide.ui.mobile_agents Use for the legacy mobile UI. It serves the same purpose as glide.ui.m_agents, but has no effect on access to the current mobile UI iPod, Windows CE, BlackBerry, Android, Opera Mini, IE Mobile, Windows phone, iPhone
glide.ui.tablet_agents Serves the same purpose as glide.u.m_agents but instead controls access to the tablet UI iPad, android_tablet

To change the rules for redirection:


  • Navigate to System Properties > Mobile UI properties and clear the glide.ui.m_agents property value, which contains the list of mobile devices.
    Clearing the values in this field does not prevent access to the instance on mobile devices, but directs mobile device users to the desktop UI.
    Note: Modifying these properties only changes the rules for redirection. Anyone can still access the mobile UI using $
  • To eliminate access to the mobile or tablet UI completely, create a UI page to override $m or $tablet and redirect to a new page.